Dispute resolution through traditional routes such as litigation, arbitration and even adjudication in the construction industry can be expensive, uncertain, slow and disruptive.  Mediation is a form of assisted negotiation that is both fast and inexpensive.  Mediation should be considered in any proper risk assessment prior to deciding how a dispute is to be resolved, as after all, most clients would prefer an agreed rather than an imposed solution, and to reach it as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. 

Mediator Experience

Anthony Glaister is Chair of the Association of Northern Mediators and sits on the Adjudication Committe of the Civil Mediation Council.  He has been involved in a very wide variety of disputes, particularly in the field of professional relationships, property and construction

What is the cost?

Unlike in other sorts of dispute resolution Anthonycharges a fixed fee for the first day or half day which may include preparation time. Usually the Mediator's fee is split equally and may be as little as £750 per party for a very small mediation. The important thing is that it is agreed beforehand and only varies if the documentation is excessive making preparation far harder or if the mediation continues longer than allowed. He is also very happy to be instructed through those mediation groups where he is a panel member Consensus Mediation and In Place of Strife.