Conciliation or "Mediation Plus"

This is a combination of mediation and adjudication. It provides the benefits of both with the additional benefit of a fixed fee agreed at the outset.

The mediation takes place within an agreed time frame taking usually up to half a day. It is therefore unsuitable for large, complex or multi party disputes. Ideally it suits small construction disputes.

If the mediation does not succeed it moves into an adjudication phase and the conciliator provides a brief binding but not final decision usually without reasons.

Conciliations are ideal for small building and engineering disputes where the cost and uncertainty of adjudication or litigation may be unwarranted.

Costs broadly follow those of a mediation and will normally be based on a full or half day mediation with an additional allowance for drafting a possible decision. That decision will be binding on the parties although it is not a final decision. Reasons will not be given as it is intended that the recommendation is brief. If reasons are requested there may be an additional cost.