Collaborative Negotiations

Unlike many lawyers Anthony Glaister is a professional full time negotiator and neutral mediator/adjudicator. Therefore he will willingly take on commissions to negotiate in good faith on behalf of a client on the basis that he will not and cannot continue to act in any capacity if the negotiations do not succeed.

How does this work?

Collaborative law is a new concept certainly outside family disputes. Collaborative agreements are entered into by both representatives and thus both of them can only act for their clients in these negotiations.

They undertake to negotiate in good faith disclosing all and any relevant material whether detrimental or not and there is no room for divisive litigation tactics. The parties are there to achieve a deal like in a mediation.

What are the likely costs?

The process is supposed to avoid excess correspondence and any reference to pleadings. There will be an hourly charge for the initial advice, circa £100, submitting and preparing a position statement similar to a mediation, tying in all relevant documents and attending one or more meetings. These can be conducted live or on line.