Anthony Glaister, Mediator, Arbitrator & Adjudicator

ADR Experience

Anthony Glaister has been involved in resolving disputes since qualifying as a solicitor in 1980. Initial experience in litigation and international arbitration left him with the distinct feeling that formal ways to resolve disputes were not necessarily what the clients wanted. He qualified as a mediator in 1994, and as an adjudicator in 1999. He is recognised as a leader in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

He has been involved in cases with two or multi parties and in one case more than fifty parties.

Some cases are large in the millions, some moderate sized with a sizeable number of small cases such as personal property disputes.

The parties have been international and domestic companies, banks, insurers, local authorities, charitable trusts, business and professional partnerships, religious groups, and many individuals.

Whilst English is the norm, use has been made in mediations of other languages such as French and Italian, and on one occasion Arabic.

Whilst primarily an engineering and construction specialist, I have conducted over 500 Mediations most of which are direct appointments.

In addition to mediating Anthony has used the widest possible selection of alternative ways to resolve disputes ranging from conciliations to formal arbitrations. He is an adjudicator registered with TecSA, the CIArb and CEDR, is visiting reader in Construction law and dispute resolution at Leeds Metropolitan University and lectures widely.

Another important area of practice is as an Adjudicator where appointments are generally made through TeCSA. Adjudication in the construction industry represent one of the fastest most economic ways of resolving disputes.

Simple Conciliation appointments usually come either directly or through trade insurance schemes again providing a fixed cost resolution service.

Arbitrator and Assessor appointments are usually direct and I particularly specialise in professional, partnership and commercial  disputes.

Examples of recent mediations include

  • Agricultural - land ownership, partnership, dilapidations, soil depreciation, milk supply, and bedding systems
  • Building - involving floor slabs, asbestos removal, metalwork and timber supplies, roofs, brickwork, architects and engineers negligence, conservatory supplies and domestic
  • Contractual disputes - over training contracts, complex machinery, employment rights
  • Partnership – solicitors and professional dissolutions
  • Property - to include dilapidations, rights of way, adverse possession, housing development
  • Four agricultural partnership disputes involving family members arguing over property or other assets. These are highly charged inter familial disputes which are challenging, enduring, highly costly, but have a high settlement ratio. Often joint meeting are impossible because of the complex historical relationships.
  • Construction claims such as a £400,000 professional negligence claim, a substantial and three smaller ground settlement claims, a poorly laid multiple retailer’s wooden floor, a number of technical disputes involving air conditioning, supermarket stocking systems, and two house builder/owner claims.
  • Shipping dispute involving a £250,000 repair bill. Settlement involved repatriating the crew to the Philippines.
  • Property disputes outside agriculture ranging between two high voltage boundary disputes (with costs in both exceeding £50,000 per party), a £600,000 bank repossession, a car park for 4,000 vehicles and the fall out following the breakup of a property owning partnership.
  • Probate disputes to include one involving the deceased’s mistress and surviving son where again joint meetings were out of the question.
  • Commercial contract disputes to include ones involving food, advertising hoardings and shareholder agreements.